"Yeah, yeah, we’re nice guys… until we’re not!"
Batty CWarped Tour, Salt Lake City.
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Enter Shikari // Leeds Festival 2014






Tell me again why a women’s liberation movement is no longer needed.

Dear “I don’t need feminism” crowd…

“The Iowa Supreme Court on Friday stood by its ruling that a dentist acted legally when he fired an assistant because he found her too attractive and worried he would try to start an affair. Coming to the same conclusion as it did in December, the all-male court found that bosses can fire employees they see as threats to their marriages, even if the subordinates have not engaged in flirtatious or other inappropriate behavior. The court said such firings do not count as illegal sex discrimination because they are motivated by feelings, not gender." [x]

i hope all old white men burn in hell

Are you fucking kidding me.

I just don’t understand this. Why?? How?? What in the world?
Dan Lambton, Real FriendsVans Warped TourWantagh, NY.
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"Fortune favors the brave, dude."

Dr. Newton ‘Newt’ Geiszler.
Pacific Rim 2013.

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19 #WhyIStayed tweets everyone needs to see

While many cheered the NFL’s move to (finally) punish Rice’s vicious behavior, too many media outlets immediately fell into a tired pattern of victim blaming. 

Writer Beverly Gooden had heard enough. “I was watching the responses to the TMZ on my timeline, and I noticed a trend. People were asking ‘why did she marry him?’ and ‘why didn’t she leave him,’” Gooden told Mic. “When I saw those tweets, my first reaction was shame. The same shame that I felt back when I was in a violent marriage. It’s a sort of guilt that would make me crawl into a shell and remain silent. But today, for a reason I can’t explain, I’d had enough. I knew I had an answer to everyone’s question of why victims of violence stay. I can’t speak for Janay Rice, I can only speak for me.”

Gooden decided to change the conversation. Follow micdotcom

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Rory CVans Warped TourSLC, UT.
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Rou Reynolds, Enter ShikariVans Warped TourSalt Lake City, UT.
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Chris Batten, Enter ShikariVans Warped TourSalt Lake City, UT.
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Rou Reynolds, Enter ShikariVans Warped TourSalt Lake City, UT.
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Rory Clewlow, Enter ShikariVans Warped TourSalt Lake City, UT.
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when someone you don’t like loves the same song as you


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Rory C, Enter ShikariVans Warped TourWantagh, NY.
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